Expert Testimony for Court

Expert testimony is testimony given in relation to some scientific, technical, or professional matter by experts, i.e. persons qualified to speak authoritatively by reason of their special training, skill or familiarity with the subject. Expert testimony may be requested from the appraiser to explain his/her opinion of value determined by the appraisal report.

Sometimes all that is required is a signed and dated disclosure from the appraiser. Other times, the appraiser's testimony may be used to clarify issues, or even challenge assertions made by another party regarding the value of real estate in question. In either case, the professional, appraisers at Golden State Appraisals, Inc. are available to follow-up and provide whatever is needed to support their findings.

All Golden State Appraisals, Inc. appraisers are experienced and comfortable in a courtroom setting, and are able to present their findings in a professional and clear manner. We conduct ALL appraisals as if they are going to be presented in court, so that you are guaranteed of a professional, legally-defendable opinion of value. Our office is aware of the time constraints involved when the legal systems and courts are involved, and we will work with you and your attorney or CPA to ensure reports are completed in a timely manner. Expert witness testimony is based on an hourly fee rate, available upon request and as needed.

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